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Dynamic Paint Guide Finished

Nov-30-2010    5 Comments

Paint render exampleIt's been more than a month since I released the first part of my Dynamic Paint guide. Now the second part is finally here.

It took way too long and I'm still not quite happy with some parts of it. But I have been completely missing my motivation to touch it. This guide has been like 90% done for up to two weeks. x_X

This second and final part of the guide explains all paint object related settings and also includes some downloadable .blend files.

Here is a render from one of the samples: Wetmap textures for fluid simulations.

Posted by MiikaH at 19:07

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Dec-01-2010 01:09
Nicely done Miika. You have done something really importand. :)
Dec-01-2010 12:54
Awesome work, Mikah. Thanks for your hard work.
Dynamic paint is essential for the simulation of fluids and other visual effects.
Have you solved the baking problem?
Dec-01-2010 13:01
Time to edit the introduction text of the DP guide
: "Note: Right now this guide only covers "Canvas" settings. Rest of the guide ("Paint" settings) will be released within a couple of weeks. (I'm too busy with other things right now.)"
Dec-01-2010 14:58

Thanks, I missed that one! :)
Dec-06-2010 14:05
great job mika really a very useful tool and I hope the blender institute merge it in the trunk. I wondered if it would work as weigt paint too or if you plan to implement it. it could add more effects like clouds of sand in a car racing , grass growing in a deserted place, flames spread from a point etc

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