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Multicolor painting on an animated object

Jul-27-2010    1 Comment

I just uploaded a new video demonstrating "Mesh Paint" with an animated "canvas" object (Mancandy) and multiple colored "paint" objects.

Posted by MiikaH at 07:07

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Blender is going to have wetmaps!

Jul-25-2010    3 Comments

Mesh PaintFew weeks ago I started developing a new feature to Blender: wetmaps. Being a simulator fan myself, I have always hoped Blender had some sort of "wetmaps" to allow realistic fluid simulations.

Well, now I finally started implementing it but it turned out to be a lot more. I call it "Mesh Paint" atm.

Check out some of my first tests:

Basic wetmaps:

Other kind of mesh interaction:

This system allows you to "paint" textures with other animated objects or particles. The "canvas" can be any mesh and it can even be animated. You can also specify colors for painter objects. Result will be saved as an image sequence that can be used on canvas as texture to produce preferred effect.

However, this project is still in very early stage so there is no downloadable build or patch available anytime soon. All depends on how much time I have and if I manage to keep motivated. :)

Posted by MiikaH at 21:05

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Small site updates

Jul-24-2010    0 Comments

I have updated some parts of the site. Biggest change is ability to comment articles and tutorials.

Posted by MiikaH at 12:53

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Blog URL structure updated

May-18-2010    0 Comments

Blog URL structure has been updated.

In the old method a single blog entry was identified using a time stamp. Now entry title is used in URL to allow users to directly see the subject. It's also possible to search posts by date.

Posted by MiikaH at 17:42

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Tutorials -section updated

Apr-26-2010    0 Comments

Tutorials -section has been updated.

This update changed tutorials -section base engine and therefore made editing and writing articles much easier than it was before. For now all tutorials have been moved to the new database and I'll update them more frequently. This also means that more articles and tutorials will be added shortly.

Posted by MiikaH at 18:11

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Site URL system updated

Apr-17-2010    0 Comments

Site MaintenanceSite URL system has been updated. All navigation links on this site are now simplified to not require PHP variables visible.

For example a program link in old system: indexen.php?p_id=program&prog_id=smplayer, is now /en/programs/smplayer.

Old links should redirect automatically to new ones but it's very likely that not all parts of the site work properly yet.

Posted by MiikaH at 17:24

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A blog added to the site

Dec-29-2009    0 Comments

A new "Blog" section has been added to MiikaHweb.

The blog is still under development so some of the functionality might not work and some bugs may exist.

Posted by MiikaH at 19:09

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Smoke Explosion

Nov-26-2009    0 Comments

A new Blender animation added to Videos section : Smoke Explosion.
Smoke Explosion

It is made using the new Blender 2.5 smoke simulator and some tricks with the material. ;p

Posted by MiikaH at 16:53

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Blender 64-bit build added

Nov-15-2009    0 Comments

Blender Builds -section also provides a 64-bit version of Blender.

Posted by MiikaH at 07:19

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A New 3D Animation

Nov-10-2009    1 Comment

Some images of my new 3D test animation. It is sort of a test/demo of Blender 2.5 smoke simulator.

mhShackDestruction 1 mhShackDestruction 2 - Blender's smoke sim in action

Development of this animation is still going on so the final result may seem different than current images if gets finished at all.

Posted by MiikaH at 21:58

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