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"Greasepencil-object" branch

Total commits : 15 492
Total committers : 70
First Commit : April 12, 2016
Latest Commit : December 14, 2018 (Today)

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
December, 2018548
November, 20181127
October, 2018811
September, 2018848
August, 2018712
July, 2018952
June, 20181290
May, 20181530
April, 2018873
March, 2018476
February, 2018507
January, 2018505
December, 2017396
November, 2017534
October, 2017337
September, 2017229
August, 2017416
July, 2017517
June, 2017532
May, 2017543
April, 2017551
March, 2017515
February, 2017265
January, 201747
December, 201621
November, 201660
October, 2016177
September, 201653
August, 201660
July, 20164
June, 201623
May, 20164
April, 201629


AuthorNumber of Commits
Campbell Barton3 428
Antonio Vazquez3 178
Clément Foucault1 776
Sergey Sharybin1 319
Dalai Felinto1 228
Bastien Montagne718
Brecht Van Lommel707
Joshua Leung577
Mike Erwin479
Germano Cavalcante283
Jeroen Bakker253
Julian Eisel219
Sybren A. Stüvel186
Pablo Vazquez181
William Reynish163
Luca Rood106
Alexander Gavrilov98
Jacques Lucke92
Philipp Oeser65
Charlie Jolly46
Rohan Rathi44
Gaia Clary40
Lukas Toenne38
Mai Lavelle22
Inês Almeida21
Aaron Carlisle18
Thomas Beck15
Alexander Romanov10
Christian Hubert10
Habib Gahbiche9
Howard Trickey9
Vuk Gardaševi?9
Alan Troth8
Joerg Mueller8
Lukas Stockner8
Sebastian Parborg8
Antony Riakiotakis6
Nick Milios6
Tamito Kajiyama5
Andrew Hale4
Benjamin Summerton4
Harley Acheson4
Sebastian Koenig4
Stefan Werner4
Aleksandr Zinovev3
Kévin Dietrich3
Martijn Berger3
Roel Koster3
Arto Kitula2
Danrae Pray2
Luc Revardel2
Andrea Weikert1
Bill Currie1
Falk David1
Glenn Tester1
Ish Bosamiya1
Khanh Ha1
Lucas Boutrot1
Macelaru Tiberiu1
Mal Duffin1
Noa K1
Philippe Schmid1
Sergej Reich1
Tobias Mertz1
Ton Roosendaal1
Tuomo Keskitalo1
Willian Padovani Germano1

Popular Files

FilenameTotal Edits

Latest commits Feed

1 hour 53 min ago
Merge branch 'blender2.8' into greasepencil-object
1 hour 55 min ago
GP: Rename CTX and OB modes

Part of T59335.
2 hours 11 min ago
Edit Curve: Add Normal size in overlay popover and change default range

Change default range to 0..2 to improve the slider behavior.
2 hours 18 min ago
GP: Primitive: Revert adding new cursor and use nsew instead
2 hours 29 min ago
Wireframe: Fix Object Viewport display "all edges" options not working
2 hours 29 min ago
Curve Batch Cache: Add back support for shaded geometry

This changes a bit the batches data structure. Instead of using one
vbo per material we use one for all material and use index buffers for
selecting the correct triangles.

This is less optimized than before but has potential to become more
optimized by merging the wireframe data vbo into the shading one.

Also the index buffers are not strictly necessary and could be just
ranges inside the buffer. But this needs more adding things inside
2 hours 29 min ago
Curve Batch Cache: Rework Implementation to use new batch request

Shaded triangles are not yet implemented (request from gpumaterials).

This also changes the mechanism to draw curve normals to make it not
dependant on normal size display. This way different viewport can
reuse the same batch.
2 hours 29 min ago
GPUBuffers: Fix uninitialized memory use causing undefined conditional jump
2 hours 29 min ago
Displist: Reuse tesselated pos and nor for wireframes

This lower the memory usage and also fix a bug with metaballs normals/tris
winding being reversed.
2 hours 29 min ago
DRW: Simplify text edit drawing

This is to simplify the curve batch cache.
2 hours 29 min ago
GPUBatch: Add GPU_batch_clear to clear batches without freeing
2 hours 29 min ago
Wireframe: Fix wireframe color in edit mode for surfaces
2 hours 29 min ago
Curve Batch Cache: Add support for loose edges and curve/surf modifier

Fixes T58298 Nurbs circle and curve dont draw in objectmode
Fixes T58107 Modified curves/surfaces/fonts do not show their eval mesh
2 hours 29 min ago
DRW Batch Cache: Fix hack being a bit too much hacky
2 hours 39 min ago
Fix T59334: Crash initializing crazyspace on object with subsurf and displacement
2 hours 42 min ago
GP: Primitive, fix move bug
3 hours 12 min ago
UI: show frame rate in movie clip editor

Feature Request from Hjialti.
3 hours 17 min ago
Attempt to sanitize node tree deletion

Make it explicit when freeing node tree which is owned by other
ID or when freeing node tree which is outside of a bmain.
3 hours 53 min ago
Fix T59220: Deleting object causes blender 2.8 to crash

The issue was caused by a special code in node tree freeing function
which will free extra fields in the case when tree is not in bmain.
This is how old code was dealing with "nested" trees, but is now
making behavior different from other datablocks. This is exactly
what was confusing copy-on-write logic.

Ideally, ntreeFreeTree() need to behave same as all other datablocks,
ad freeing of data of nested trees should be up to the owner of the
tree (this way it's all explicit and does not depend on check of
some special flag.
3 hours 56 min ago
Merge branch 'master' into blender2.8

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